Psychic 9—5 Club

Presented by HTRK

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Psychic 9—5 Club

Transcend the grind and bask in HTRK’s Blue Sunshine

“Picture that for a moment.

Imagine feeling that way every day.”

In 2014 HTRK, released their first album as a duo Psychic 9—5 Club. At the time they told Dazed Magazine, “we both really like the idea of that energy that can exist between the hours of nine to five, which for a lot of people are wasted hours, or hours of just going through the motions.” Which makes sense. Because it’s the kind of album you can disappear into while at work. Jonnine Standish coos within a pink mirage of dubbed-out loops and reverb. She sings of love distractions and dayglo bones, while beats skitter delicately beneath. Clamp on some headphones and it’ll make any day-job angst sound sexy.

HTRK are taking the original inspiration for Psychic 9-5 Club and wiring it up within Night Trade during daylight hours. Head down to Howey Place to find a sanctuary that welcomes anyone and everyone to reclaim and transcend the hours of 9am to 5pm. The soundtrack is a longform, generative HTRK rework of their classic album. A small range of non-alcoholic drinks are on offer to enhance clarity, energy, focus and mood.