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Cadela Força Trilogy Chapter I

The Bride and the Goodnight Cinderella

Carolina Bianchi Y Cara de Cavalo

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A woman lies sleeping on a mattress surrounded by roses. Her face turned to the camera. "She Got Love" is scrawled on the wall behind her in red paint.

Cadela Força Trilogy Chapter I

A show that is both a fever dream and worst nightmare, beautiful and grisly.

Chapter One of the Cadela Força Trilogy, sees Brazilian artist and director Carolina Bianchi travel through time and states of consciousness to confront a vision of hell.

Shaken by the death of Pippa Bacca—an Italian artist who was raped and killed while doing a travelling show—Bianchi presents a performance-lecture. She speaks vividly about the spectre of sexual violence that runs through the history of art, until she hits an impasse. Then things go dark. Bianchi ingests a drug known in Brazil as ‘Goodnight Cinderella’ and falls unconscious. Her dead weight and lived experience form the figure of an anti-protagonist that’s falling down a hole in the middle of the desert. Performers carry Cara de Cavalo's inert body to a place where past and present collapse.

And inside this mirror world, she can finally ask: What’s in the void between sleep and death? What stories swirl around a memoryless body? What happens when someone survives?

A knockout, nightmarish odyssey that recklessly puts the artist’s body on the line... Bianchi becomes not just a sacrifice to illustrate the story, but a physical symbol of the burden of her research... the scope and scale of the piece is astonishing, dragging us through hell and out the other side.
— The Guardian

Part of this performance can have a disturbing effect. It contains references to rape and gender-specific violence. Please view warnings in Session Details.

Artistic Team

Conception, text, dramaturgy and direction

Carolina Bianchi

Translation of texts into English and revision

Larissa Ballarotti, Luisa Dalgalarrondo, Joana Ferraz, Marina Matheus

Dramaturgist and partnership in continuous research process

Carolina Mendonça


Alita, Carolina Bianchi, Chico Lima, Fernanda Libman, Joana Ferraz, José Artur, Larissa Ballarotti, Marina Matheus and Rafael Limongelli

Technical direction, Sound design and Original music

Miguel Caldas

Set design, Art and Graphic design

Luisa Callegari

Light design

Jo Rios

Videos and Screenings

Montserrat Fonseca Llach

Karaoke video

Thany Sanches


Tomás Decina, Luisa Callegari, Carolina Bianchi

Art Assistant and General artistic collaboration

Tomás Decina

Collaboration in body and voice training

Pat Fudyda, Yantó

Dialogue on theory and dramaturgy

Silvia Bottiroli

Production assistant and Stage manager

Ana Cris Medina

Production direction and Tour manager

Carla Estefan

International management and Diffusion

Metro Gestão Cultural (Brasil)


The text of this show also counts on the crossing of some authors. We highlight the collaboration of the actress Alita in her text in the second part of the show, Nathalie Léger and her book 'The White Dress', writings by Saidiya Hartman, the work of the anthropologist Rita Laura Segato, the bibliography of Roberto Bolaño and conversations with the artist Renan Marcondes.


Production by Metro Gestão Cultural (Brasil), Carolina Bianchi y Cara de Cavalo.

In Co-production with Festival d’Avignon, KVS Brussels, Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg - Scèneeuropéenne, Frascati Amsterdam.

Residency to finish the play and set construction: La FabricA du Festival d’Avignon.

Residencies: Frascati Theater, DAS Theatre (Amsterdam), Festival Proximamente/KVS (Brussels), Festival 21 Voltz/Central Elétrica (Porto), Pride Festival (Belgrade), Greta Galpão (São Paulo) e EspaçoDesterro (Rio de Janeiro).

With the Support of Theater Der Welt, The AmmodoFoudation, DAS Theatre Master Program, 3 Package Deal of the AFK - Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst / Coalition: DAS Theatre, NDSM and Over ’t IJ Festival, Kaaitheater.

International management and Diffusion by Metro Gestão Cultural (Brasil).

The show premiered July 2023 at the Festival d’Avignon.

Image Credits

Cadela Forca by Carolina Bianchi and Cara de Cavalo. PHOTOS: Christophe Raynaud de Lage