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8/8/8 : REST

Harriet Gillies, Marcus McKenzie, Unfunded Empathy & Collaborators

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A person wearing a giant box, printed with a smile on the front, stands in a dim Box Office.

8/8/8 : REST

Fasten your PJs and desyncopate your circadian polyrhythms. It’s time to unsettle in for eight hours of experimental performance about the commodification of rest.

And on the second weekend of RISING, we REST.

In 2022 we clocked on for 8/8/8: WORK—the first in Marcus McKenzie and Harriet Gillies’ triptych about work, rest and play. It was eight straight hours of life-coach gurus, micro-dosing techbros, office politics and piss. We laughed, we clapped, we shaved Jeff Bezos until he was smooth and ready for atmospheric re-entry.

Now the band’s back together. WORK is over. It's time to wade through the wasteland of REST. From 9pm until 5am, the plush backrooms of Arts Centre Melbourne will cushion our collective unconscious.

Spend the night with us, as we sprawl into an ambient meditation on care and control, digital detoxing, and the commodification of relaxation by the neoliberal machine. Also, paradoxically, the immense labour required to create a work about rest.

Clock off and roam.

It’s in the witching hours when things get real squelchy.

Artistic Team

Creators & Performers

Harriet Gillies, Marcus McKenzie, Amrita Hepi, Emma McManus & Patrick Durnan Silva

Produced by

Unfunded Empathy

Lead Producer

Thom Smyth


Bron Belcher

Composer & Sound Designer

Nina Buchanan

Production Manager

Harrison Grindle

Production Designer

Romanie Harper


Lara Thoms (APHIDS)

Parafictional Trust Engineer & Performer

Derrick Duan

Lighting by

Dual Flow


Supported by RISING's A Call to Artists.

Supported by Arts Centre Melbourne.

Image Credits

8/8/8: REST. Photo: courtesy of the artist.