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Burnout Paradise

Pony Cam Collective and Parrot Ox

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Two performers face the camera. One fires a confetti gun into the lens.

Burnout Paradise

In an escalating series of tasks performed on four treadmills, Burnout Paradise is a mockery of our struggle to establish boundaries in life and work.

Four performers mount four treadmills to push multi-tasking to its limits. Driven by an escalating series of tasks, Burnout Paradise is a delusional love letter to the labour, recklessness and euphoric optimism that comes before burnout. Pony Cam has a list of things that need to be done. Some are essential, some are pleasurable, and some have been requested by the directors of RISING. All of them need to be completed. All within an hour, all while running on a treadmill.

What begins as a simple wager, emerges as an unpredictable spectacle. A long-form mockery of our attempt to establish boundaries in life and work. A transformation of the performance space into something more gladiatorial.

***** It’s sheer bedlam in the most magnificent way, with the very nature of the show meaning the impending disaster trail will unravel wildly differently every night.
— Time Out

Artistic Team


Pony Cam. Claire Bird, Ava Campbell, William Strom, Dominic Weintraub & Hugo Williams


Claire Bird, Ava Campbell, William Strom, Laura Aldous, Dominic Weintraub & Hugo Williams


Dans Maree Sheehan & Lauren Eisinger for Parrot Ox

Light Designer

Dans Maree Sheehan