SHOUSE Communitas Workshops


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A crowd of people dancing and throwing their hands in the air, bathed in golden light as confetti rains from a centre point.

SHOUSE Communitas Workshops

Prepare together for the communal eruption of song.

Thanks for the registering for Communitas. We've had over 1600 people register so far, which is charging up our mass musicking fervour in a big way. To guarantee entry on 15 June we're asking you attend one or two of the Communitas workshops, happening in April and May. Like the event itself, the ethos at the workshops is: everyone's in the band—no musical experience is required.

Shouse will be teaching three simple-yet-epic participatory songs, with separate workshops for singing, instruments and movement (and some improvisation in between). There’ll be multiple roles and entry levels for all singers and instrumentalists. So whether you're a virtuoso or a shower singer, you can have space to shine, or harmonise with the masses in a warm and supportive environment.