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In Muva We Trust


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Still from In Muva We Trust_2022

Hamer Hall façade is transformed by Filipino future folklore, as artists Justin Talplacido Shoulder and Bhenji Ra emerge from the belly of an ancient beast—The Bywaya.

In Muva We Trust builds on stories from Club Até collective’s video projects ‘Ex Nilalang’ and ‘Ang Idol Ko’. Set in the Skyworld: a borderless space of potentiality and rematriation, origin stories are reimagined to include bodies of multiplicity and interwoven multi-species kinship structures. It explores ideas of reciprocity, stories of life, death, mourning and celebration. Here the past and future merge in free flow.

The work draws on ancestral figures from the Buwaya (crocodile) and draws on historical accounts of the Babaylan, queer and trans shamans in the Philippines who act as intermediaries between visible and invisible worlds. In some accounts, the Babaylan were decapitated and fed to the Buwaya. Club Até reimagines these horrifying acts as future folklore where artists Justin Talplacido Shoulder and Bhenji Rabe come new idols emerging ‘out of the belly of the Buwaya, empowered and attuned to the ancient beast’.

Ra and Shoulder formed Club Até collective in 2014. Their practice traverses video, performance and club events with an emphasis on community activation. Collaborating with members of the queer Asia-Pacific diaspora in Australia and the Philippines, the collective are invested in creating their own “future folklore”.

Artistic Team

Club Até

Justin Shoulder, Bhenji Ra and collaborators

Conceived and Directed by

Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra


Insite Arts, Justin Shoulder


Corin Ileto

Co-Director and Visual Effects

Tristan Jalleh

Performed and choreographed by

Vana Banks, Jamaica Moana, Kilia Tipa, Bhenji Ra and Justin Shoulder


Justin Shoulder


Christine Villareal


Alex Davies and Goldie Soetianto


Matthew Stegh, Anthony Aitch and Justin Shoulder


Sophie Roberts


Gillian Campbell

Filmed on Gadigal Country, Sydney


Supported by The Electric Canvas

In Mother We Trust by Club Até for RISING 2024 is supported by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Federal Government initiative.

Image Credits

In Muva We Trust. IMAGE: Tristan Jalleh

National Gallery Australia

Tristan Jalleh & Club Até