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Fever Ray

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Karin Dreijer aka Fever Ray wears a bald cap and all white makeup, and a traditional masc white suit, holding a flower posey

Fever Ray

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Second show announced due to popular demand. Tickets on sale now

For the first time in Australia, Fever Ray opens the iron gates and ushers us into their gothic synth-pop odyssey.

"They perform to create an entire new world with sound and atmosphere. It’s almost alien, but welcoming to those willing to immerse themselves in the experience” — Parklife DC

One half of electronic duo The Knife, Karin Dreijer took their hypnotic vocals solo with Fever Ray, and for the first time in 15 years, they're finally coming to Melbourne on their first Australian tour.

Seven years on from Plunge, when the Swedish synth-pop enigma was “looking for a girl who stands 10 feet tall and has teeth like razors”, now they just want to ‘Shiver’. On 2023’s Radical Romantics, they’re older, a little wiser, and on a dig towards a second adolescence. The new phase heralds industrial tape hiss, stadium-sized trance and much-anticipated collaborations with brother and former Knife bandmate Olof Dreijer. The live show is gender-queer world-building fed through a singular, gothic vision. Pitch-shifted vocals skate knotted grooves and glacial mountains of synth. It’s an icebox with fun-house mirror walls. It’s pure Fever Ray.

Artistic Team

Dancer and Vocals

Maryam Nikindish and Helena Gutara


Romarna Campbell


Mikaela Hansson


Supported by Arts Centre Melbourne.

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